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Terry Shockley is a career broadcaster. Together with wife Sandy, the couple formed and built a successful regional broadcasting company in Wisconsin and Minnesota. Record achievement was earned by creating an entrepreneurial experience by a team of loyal and high achieving employees.

Additionally, Terry and Sandy formed Shockley Group which offers management consulting.

Today, Terry serves as Chairman of Armada Media Corp, an upper mid-west group of 30 radio stations serving seven states.

Leading by example has always been the approach of the Shockley's.

Wisconsin Broadcasters
"Hall of Fame"

Executive "Hall of Fame", Charter Class, In Business Publication, Madison, WI

George F Hixon Fellow - Kiwanis International Foundation for Distinguished Service

Distinguished Eagle Scout - Boy Scouts of America

National Wrestling Hall of Fame, "Lifetime Service"

Division III National Wrestling Hall of Fame

Augustana College "Athletic Hall of Fame" - Wrestling -

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at 386-956-1806

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"We would like to acknowledge your significant contribution to the development of our strategic plan. Your participation has been instrumental in guiding our business along a growth path which would not have been possible without your experience and insights."

Andrew D. Burish

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"I just wanted to thank you for the last training seminar that you did here in Marinette. It was great to meet finally meet Sandy (she really is a fireball) and you are always motivational! I just finished reading 'If you're not out selling, you're being outsold,' a great recommendation... Thanks again for taking the time to share your inspiration."

Nicole Kelsey
Account Executive
Bay Cities Radio
Menominee, MI

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Diane C. O'Byrne,
CR Marketing, Promotion, Sales Training, Shawnee Mission, KS

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Becky Raskie,
Senior Account Executive

"Thank you for taking your time to share your stories. I gained a lot out of the funnel for success and have referenced back to it a couple of times already. Also thank you for the certificate, I have put it up on my wall so it can remind me of the things I had learned from you.

P.S. GUSTO is my new favorite word!"

Becky Boswel,
Account Executive
Big Stone Radio