People are the key to profit.

Learn to make the connections that make you money.


You ask: My territory is small and all the good accounts are taken. What is my opportunity?

The best account list is the one you develop! You must mine deep. Be persistent.

You ask: I am struggling to get to the next level. What do I do?

Develop a specific plan. Start with why it is important.

You ask: I have tough competition and now the economy is making it more difficult. What do you suggest I do?

As business legend Henry Ford said, "Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal."

You ask: My quotas seem unrealistic. What's to be done?

No one knows what you can do; not you, your family, your boss, until you have tried.

You ask: My clients want more email contacts and less one-on-one's. How do I overcome this?

You need more compelling reasons to see your clients. Remember, your prospects and clients are buying you!

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"I so believe in the philosophy behind the 'Funnel for Success.' By simply applying the fundamental rules to my everyday sales, I have seen my sales increase year after year, and even in the toughest of economic times. Know your customer, have goals and be committed to them. It's as simple as that."

Becky Raskie,
Senior Account Executive

"Thank you for taking your time to share your stories. I gained a lot out of the funnel for success and have referenced back to it a couple of times already. Also thank you for the certificate, I have put it up on my wall so it can remind me of the things I had learned from you.

P.S. GUSTO is my new favorite word!"

Becky Boswell,
Account Executive
Big Stone Radio
Our sales training product has evolved from years of building strong sales teams. Participants in our training enjoy immediate benefits:
  • Sharper personal focus
  • Better time management
  • Greater customer skills
  • Proven methods for measuring success
  • Finding ways to win
The "bedrock" of our sales training evolves around three topics:
  1. SELF: An easy to administer method of better understanding personal strengths, weaknesses, goals and ambition.
  2. CUSTOMER: In our training the "Customer is King".
  3. EVALUATION: We believe the sales person should "keep score".
    Use the concept "One Life, One Boss".
The "FUNNEL FOR SUCCESS" is well received!

Let's "TEAM UP" and BUILD!