In business, we are given a key to the community.

If we keep that key highly polished, it will open the doors of opportunity.


You ask: Business is difficult, how do I approach the future?

Vision is important! Look for your "unfair edge." Often a professional consultant can help too.

You ask: My business is pretty specialized, can a consultant help?

The right consultant will study your business, ask questions, interview your staff and customers. Ideas will come.

You ask: I've never used a consultant. How do I choose one?

Talk with your peers. Be alert for talented people who can help. This internet blog is a good start.

You ask: When is the consultant's job finished?

You and the consultant determine that. It is a process that will evlove.

You ask: How will my employees accept a consultant?

You and your consultant must create an atmosphere of sharing. Your employees need to know why and how to proceed with the consultant.

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"We would like to acknowledge your significant contribution to the development of our strategic plan. Your participation has been instrumental in guiding our business along a growth path which would not have been possible without your experience and insights."

Andrew D. Burish
We bring proven asset building skills to each and every task of Business Consulting. Our experience transcends the discipline of Broadcast Media.

We build value by:
  • Nurturing: a style of encouragement, reinforcement and praise
  • Goal Setting: "plan your work - work your plan"
  • Discipline: learning the value of focusing and "staying the course"
  • Persistence: a special quality that can be encouraged and learned
  • Accountability: we like measurement and frequent "check-ups"
"Building a media company required our best. All aspects of management, leadership and bottom line results tested our resolve and ability. You'll profit from what we learned. These business lessons will bring more to your bottom line."
- Terry Shockley

Let's "TEAM UP" and BUILD!